Developing degrowth narratives from the bottom-up

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We propose during a two-day course to develop inspiring visions and narratives of degrowth with a group of 25. The goals: develop bottom-up dynamics and open an optimist perspective on degrowth. There are degrowth alternatives possible!!
It will be the second year that we propose this course that will build on last year experience. See here.

Two stories are dominating:
– "the world competition and economic growth should save the world",
– conservative closure: "we should defend our present lifestyles"
We would like to see another story: one which is made of constructive dialogue from the bottom.
Degrowth is about this: finding a way so that we can live in better harmony, using resources at a level that enables everyone to have his fair while managing social, economic and ecological sustainability, deciding at scales that enable true democracy, developing more empathy, lifestyles that bring well-being etc. However there is no degrowth stories or narratives, only bits and pieces. For this reason political parties are not supporting degrowth (or very few). Degrowth is missing support in people’s minds, even if people do not believe in dominant narratives, they see no alternative (TINA said Thatcher: "There Is No Alternative" ). Why is there no degrowth narrative? One important reason for the missing degrowth stories comes our habits reductionism: actors, opinions, etc. are too much segmented. The goal is to develop narratives that link the bits and pieces of degrowth stories: linking the different alternatives in order to emulate the political change. We have to deal with the differences of experience in degrowth: let us see the positive in it; it is good because narratives need to involve different perspectives for touching people.

Day 1:
Dynamics of cooperation
Presentation of the idea of narratives
Identification of mainstream narratives
Getting the basics for developing alternative degrowth narratives
Choice of focus for working groups of the next day

Day 2:
Presentation of diversity within degrowth - initiation to some degrowth narratives
Building narratives in subgroups

Target group:
Participants aware of the degrowth perspective or motivated by developing degrowth visions.