Degrowth and Social Ecological Transformation – Perspectives from the Global South

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What is the status of the international debate about DeGrowth and a social-ecological transformation? Why are so many impulses coming from Latin America on the one hand, while, on the other hand, it is very hard to foster a debate in the emerging Asian countries? And should DeGrowth be seen as a legitimate request of the global south to the global north? This course will address those questions, highlighting the links between the debates about DeGrowth and social-ecological transformation in different regions of the Global South, and in the Global North. A mix of interactive methods and group work, and lectures by experts from Latin America, Asia, and Europe will be applied.

The course will consist of the following timeline:
On day 1 the participants will get to know each other and the topic in a more general matter. An introduction to the global debate is planned as well as discussions on favorable conditions and challenges for a social-ecological transformation in Latin America & Asia. The methods applied include an interactive game, inputs and group work as well as plenary discussions.

On day 2 the topic of degrowth and social-ecological transformation will be addressed from a Latin American and Asien perspective. We also want to discuss here what we can do in order to support a social-ecological transformation in the Global South. The methods for this day include inputs, group work, plenary discussions and brainstorming sessions.

Target group:
Particpiants from the Global North and the Global South, anyone who is interested in the international perspective of degrowth!

This course ist restricted to 20 participants.