Post-Development and postcolonial criticism of ‚development‘

Stimuli for degrowth

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Post-Development approaches or postcolonial critiques of ‚development‘ question dominant ideas and practices of ‚development‘. The criticism focuses on the destructive effects of modernisation, the reproduction of colonial thinking, the restriction of a good life to socio-economic indicators, male-biased ideas of economic activity as well as the omissions of the problematic social structures of the Global North. In this workshop we will introduce the main concepts and ideas for action of Post-Development. Furthermore, we will examine in how far degrowth can learn from these ideas on a theoretical but also strategic and practical level.

We are going to work in small groups with text-based questions and use elements of self-reflection as well as role plays on global power relations.

Target group:
We welcome everybody who is willing to have a look at the degrowth movement in light of North-South relations.