Learn Methods: „Beyond Growth!“

Discuss and experience methods for educational work on degrowth

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In order to move away from the idea that we can and need to constantly grow economically we need new educational approaches and methods that allow us to critize and question our growth-based economy, explore alternatives and move towards a socio-ecological transformation. We need to disseminate visions of what a „good life“ could mean as well as concrete knowledge of how to re-organise our society through a degrowth approach.

This workshop will be based on the educational set of methods „Beyond Growth - Limits and alternatives to economic growth. Educational material“. We present and practice methods that target participants aged 15 to 25 years. The methods are both participative and creative, and address the basic understandings of our growth based economy as well as our ecological and social boundaries of growth. Concluding, the manifold alternatives will be addressed, discussed and developed further.

Initiation and introduction of the educational set

Work out one uni by yourself and perform it

In addition to cognitive orientated approaches we use adventure-based learning, theatre pedagogy and artistic methods.

Target group:
Everybody interested or involved in educational settings with primarily young people aged 15 and above.