C.5 Macroeconomic Policies for Post-Growth Societies

Which political demands do we want to push?

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The degrowth/post-growth movements have been relatively silent in pushing for policy changes on the national or international level. At the same time, there is a significant debate on which policies would support a transition towards a degrowth society. In this debate, some policies seem to be almost consensual, while others are highly controversial.

This course discusses „macroeconomic policies for post-growth societies“ by four steps: (1) Which policies are put forward?; (2) What is the connection between these policies and would they lead to post-growth societies?; (3) Which policies should be prioritized? and (4) should the degrowth-movement push macroeconomic policies in the first place? Examples for the policies are: Regulating commercials, redistribution of income and wealth, solidary social security systems, ecological taxation, increasing transport costs, lower wage-costs, collective firm ownership, progressive firm taxation, part-time work, unpaid and care work.

Day 1: Existing Proposals for Post-Growth Policies
Introduction to the course
Getting to know the course participants
Discussion: Which post-growth policies do you know?
Input: Which post-growth policies are discussed in the literature? What is the connection between the policies?
Discussion: Which policies make sense?

Day 2: Does it make sense, that we push for post-growth policies and if so, which ones?
Review of the prior day
Work in small groups: Pros and cons of one central policy.
Discussion: Which of the policies should we push?
Fishbowl: Should we push macroeconomic policies at all?

Target group:
People with some prior knowledge of the degrowth/post-growth debate. We do not want to cover whether and why we need post-growth societies. Rather we want to analyze and discuss, how to achieve them.


Tag: 22.08.2016
Anfang: 10:00 Uhr
Dauer: 02:30
Raum: Zelt/Tent 11
Track: Sommerschul-Kurse / Summer School Courses
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